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One More Thing

One More Thing


It’s what we notice at the time

And then dismiss

The shape of a sleeve inside a cuff

The way a button pushes through

The opening

The sounds made by all the doors we

Open every day

Then close

They’re not important

Part of the texture of the day

I seem to recall George Bailey pulling

Off the stairpost knob, most every


Then once he thought to throw it through

A window, maybe at

The Christmas tree

We have these, too, the moments


Nothing satisfies

These we should remember

For any needed reparations

Restoratives, you know,

To get our day back


C L Couch



Peter Falk – Wikipedia


Columbo Peter Falk 1973.JPG



Oliver the Musical

Oliver the Musical


Four times a day for

A little while

I’m daddy to a dog

It was two cats before

Do I have a cottage industry?


Oliver is named for the orphan

One of Boz’s foundlings

And the subject of a show

With an exclamation point


He was rescued

From winter

Snow and ice

And, sad to conceive, a chain

He winces

And that’s trauma


Oliver’s part border collie

I can see that

Not so large, someone guessed part


Well, okay

He is affectionate

The only dog I’ve known to put

His paws upon my shoulders

In a hug


Good things come in stories

Sometimes we get happy endings

Because he’s treated well

By the family, all the children

A fenced-in backyard

Oliver’s days are fine now

He has more


C L Couch



Border Collie Working





Above me,

There is blue because of

Prismatic sun and sky

Whites and greys of cloud

The fuzzy upper parts of atmosphere

Satellites, space junk,

And we are clear


Wave by the space station

Understand magnetic fields

The cooperativeness of gravity

Our friend Diana’s hunting ground

Silver against sunlight

Black lines of craters

Glints of visitation


A comet or an asteroid

Meteors abound

We have passed the little prince

Upon his planetoid


Free of all Lagranges

We’ll have to negotiate

New deals with

Space merchants

Who keep the wildness of space

At bay


We can go beyond them, though

Where only rogue things move

Without the plan

Or any obligation to

Civilizing fields

It is the mind of God, I guess

The apple of an eye

Untethered Eden

The source of anything

To dream


C L Couch





The English teacher in me wants to say

Warning (like a sign)

There are allusions here

References, too

Or simply enjoy the words

And to my honor and my gratitude



Di Artwork by Brian Thieme, File by Aaron Price – Citizen Sky web site, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Hero Today, Please

Hero Today, Please


Beneath Glastonbury tor

Lies who knows what

Maybe it’s better to

Let the legend lie

Until the ground is split

In later days

And the hero rises


This is what it means to be

A once and future story

So real a return is


We must have it again

In greatest need


And for now, each time

We need to have the tale told

In present time

In days requiring

Some solace while it’s raining

Or inspiration as of

A venial

Version of an

Easter morn


C L Couch




T. H.White wrote The Once and Future King, a novel.



Enrique Íñiguez Rodríguez (Qoan) – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Men into Space

Men into Space

(someone else’s nostalgia)


William Lundigan beat them all

Because he got to space in the fifties

I didn’t see this show while

Growing up

Or Johnny Sokko with his giant robot in the

Half hour before

Other shows I missed as well

Supercar, for instance

I guess this was the fifties-sixties way

To get us there

Enjoy the ride

And encounter who knows what

Only the television writers knew


Thankful for retrograde, I guess

Retroactive, retrospective

The tier of channels that carry

Our imagination

From the past

Into the present

Maybe to conferences

And comic books

And all sorts of new brains


New days

That started here

In my older siblilngs’ days

Brought forward

Into better resolution


Now let’s have, please

Women into Space


C L Couch



image, NASA

STS Discovery Mission 131, International Space Station

Astronauts (clockwise from top right) Naoko Yamazaki, Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, Stephanie Wilson, and Tracy Caldwell


Space Ghost

Space Ghost

(one voice from the USA)


I’m so tired of this administration

It hasn’t spread enough hate, evidently

Time to take it to space

A space force that

Doesn’t evoke memories of Star Trek

Or Buck Rogers or the

Princess of Mars

Except maybe in libidos


But sees an end in everything



We’ll weaponize the cosmos

Because the universe can’t take care

Of itself


And when it’s done

All done

What we’ll be left with is an empty room

Up there with

Nothing inhabiting

Except for angry spirits

Wondering how it went wrong when


We only wanted to burn our enemies

And ended up atomizing Earth

Sending a message out to the beyond we

Once embraced


Saying rather

Not to bother

We’ve taken care of things here

You’d visit as an alien, anyway

We’d try to detain you

Not in hospitality

Then deport you


C L Couch







(Robert Frost attribution)



The story elsewhere continues

Other people with new heroes are

Arranging strategies

And praying over practices

What will happen

With their plans

Will there be a victory

The better kind, built upon what’s good

And attending toward a future

That will have promises

To keep


So when I wonder if I’ll ever move along

I can know, if I want to

That the plot is realized in other places

The tale is not finished

For a planet with a billion years to go

How much has the story


Not so much

For us


C L Couch






It Happened at the Movies

It Happened at the Movies


Victoria was queen

I’ve seen it in a movie

She would not be amused

I heard that was because of Pinafore

Whose parody of navy she did not find

An entertainment

To be noted that, when the time,

Sullivan was knighted for the music

Gilbert without, due to the words



In the common way, I think

She had many children

And a wayward son

Who would be king

I’ve seen this in movies, too

I don’t know what we learn


I don’t know what we learn

I’m sure it’s something

About how royalty might be like us

Foibles in magnitude

Because of magnifying


And who takes up the interest

Committed to that


As it is, they may come by

The royals

I should be glad to have some coffee

For and with them

We can have conversation at

The kitchen table


The way Golda Meir talked with leaders

Having baked them bread beforehand

In a movie, in a book

I learned this somewhere


C L Couch





I wish I could capture nature

Which isn’t right, I want to cooperate

To live in harmony,

Which modern poets say we cannot do

I want to find the metaphor

That catches all I see

And it must come through nature’s voice

And ear and eye


Not mine

For the mentor is out there

To tutor me inside


The sky, the leaf, the chlorophyll

The classroom of a cell

Time is the tuition

Finding what is ultimately real

The assignment


I know what is in the room is real, though

The cells are stable, and so

Much never moves

I can learn here, too

Through darkness on pale leaves

And don’t think that I’m ungrateful

To have life and the moments


But, yes, the better teacher’s out there

So the transcendentalists thought, and they

Were right

I should be outside


Walking if not running

Or sitting still to let the air present a better lecture

Than I’ll ever hear inside


I’m learning

I’m in love

The world and I will never be the same

Catch me

I’m on a current, and

The wind will make it hard for me to return



C L Couch



(image–“404” when I tried to track for attribution)



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