The Ballad of the Assonant Neighborhood

Consonants are confident
We use them all the time
But in small places assonance
Comes through to make a rhyme

The vowel sounds beg for listening
They make great sounds, you know
The “aw” in haunt and such a think
As needful sounds will show

I wouldn’t want to go without
The assonance of day
How could I moan throughout the town
On Hallows’ Eve, so say

A ballad this is not, my friend
For the hero is a vowel
And greater deeds are truly meant
For banners hung on dowel

But still I’ll sing of assonants
Though consonants are fine as well
But “O” and “oo” and other rants
Must true be used to tell

The better stories with full sounds
Come through from friends who bid
That songs be sung of “Ay!” and “Ouch!”
And other heroes’ laments in mid

Of larger things that ballads sing
In towns both grand and small
And so I say good night and sweep
My presence from this hall