Haiku (hard to?)

Autumn romance starts.
It’s called fall, after all.
Descend into hope.

Haiku (I wake)

These devices give:
Assonance, consonance help
Home and tide; we rhyme.

Haiku (one more for us, too)

one for you, then me
orange, yellow, brown, and red
autumn’s time-keepers

Haiku in the five-seven-five way. (There are variations.) With a reference to nature in each one. As is often the tradition. Though no longer the law. I continue with my rhapsody of fall, this time using this form from Japanese and eastern Asian culture.

I like haiku. They’re fun to craft, and they mean something too. As Buffy said, they’re “the ones that sound like a sneeze.” They are that. And more. And that.