The Horror

What we do to each other:

Rape each other–
our bodies, our lives
and what each other has

Steal from each other
not because we think stealing’s wrong
but because we hope to get away with it

Lie about what we do
because statements and documentation
matter more than promises

We matter more than hiding wrong
And speaking right when face to face

We matter more
Than promises made false by
what we do

Practice makes perfect goes
the cliché;

how about making our practices righteous
in the better way
that maybe no one sees
but me?

The space of our lives is limited:
must we waste each other’s and
so our own life, too?

The cycle is changed when one standing in the line of wrong
turns round, refusing to pass on the hit

The problem, of course, is the hit one takes in turning

But as turning is repentance
So must we change

We must change

Our lives, our world

(I wrote heavy today, because someone else wrote first and wrote it better.  There are indents I could not get WordPress to take, but I think the content gets across, anyway.)