My Response

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I am Christopher (Couch). Mostly, I’ve been a teacher. I took Writing 201, sort of put a blog together, and now have posts, responses, followers, and friends. What to do next is my current concern. I’d like my blog to look more like a blog–more like my blog, I guess. I’m looking forward to getting to know folk here. Thank you!

now more of the rest of the assignment

I do keep a journal. I don’t keep it well. Recently, however, I resumed journaling daily (nearly always daily).

The first suggestion I received about having a blog was from my spiritual director. I guess he liked the way I express myself about big matters. There are some things (beyond blogs) that don’t confuse me, and one of these is the process of faith.

Why believe? How do we know we have faith? How’s do we know there’s a God to have faith in? Why do we sin? Why is there evil? Does love prevail? The responses to these are not pat and are not easy, especially when the struggle’s on. But I am more than willing to talk about it all, keeping the communicating respectful.

And I post my own thoughts, anyway—not to evangelize so much (I’m a poor evangelist) as to share what’s in the room and keep the door open for visitors and friends.

My interest is ecumenical, by the way, much more so than sectarian. There are many traditions and those who follow no tradition. All deserve respect and appreciation.

So I want to blog because I’ve been encouraged. Because I’ve tried it and gotten good response. Thanks to Writing 201, I’m corresponding with folk from many time zones, many nations. I am thankful.

It’s been poetry, response to other’s works, and bits of general commentary. But, practically (and creatively) speaking, I think I barely have a blog. I selected a picture and was given a name. Maybe I picked the name; at best, it seems to have been a matter of negotiation with WordPress.

I’ve learned to post and can read another’s post except I do that pretty much in response. I’ve not been out there, so to speak, in anything like the fullness of blogging cyberspace. I’m not sure if I could find my own blog without using another’s as a touchstone.

So I need to learn a great deal more. Thank you!