Psalm 2

Lord, find me a church
One that welcomes me and
No one like me

One that cherishes who I
Am and who I’m not, who
You are and who you’re not

Our ages, occupations, the
Absence of occupation, our
Injured lives, triumphant lives
Our sorrows and our joys

Yes, our genders, too
And all the tones of skin

The differences and sameness

God made us, after all
And first of all
And is making us, still

A place where can give our
Millions and our mites

Our giving is small, but your sight
And your other senses
Make it pleasing, I think

Help me with a church despite
Myself and what’s happened there
The house of God is where your
People live, and I
Should live there, too

C L Couch

Psalms are songs. Psalms require us. And typically they require God.

So psalms are our songs to God. We read or sing them singly or in the community.

We sing psalms and let them move us how they will. How God might be moved we’ll never know while on this side of things. Yet still we sing. We should.