Psalm 11
a song of innocence

Lord, I do not understand
Certain paradoxes of the world

Why such terror and so much
Wrong must persist in a
World of our choosing

Why can we not do better?

Why can we not use what we
Have to further human cause
To improve the life on
Our troubled, turning sphere

Make life not only better
But, in fact, a triumph in the living?

Can we not do better than fear
And making a market of that?

Might we not do better than taking
Base desire, such as purchasing
Destruction, to barter in a
Hidden marketplace?

The challenges of life would still
Remain, if we choose differently

Responding to severities of
Nature, discovering redresses
From disease, the right for each
To grow and thrive, even the finding
Of new worlds

We’d still have much to do
If we choose differently

And our accomplishment would
Be of the lasting kind

A legacy of gain
And, from that better living, new
Kinds of profit for all of us