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December 2015

Psalm 20, a song when celebration

Psalm 20
a song when celebration

When the world is celebrating
We remember those
Who cannot be

Not to diminish our joy
But to make it fuller
To have a thought for the care

Of, well, you know, everything
And everyone
Blanket all of us in safety, Lord

New Year’s Turn, a diamante

a diamante, inspired by What the Woman Wrote,

New Year’s Turn

We’ll drop
down gradually
a diamond-looking ball
in each shiny place around the world, where
it’s suitable to celebrate New Year’s Eve as style—and yet
in three-hundred sixty-four (or five) more days,
we’ll do it again in lights
for the new time:
one year

Psalm 19, a song for when I’m terrified

Psalm 19
a song for when I’m terrified

In the middle of the night I
Had a heart attack and
I survived which are two

Things infrequent that is
To have the attack at night
And to wake up

I wasn’t scared then just
In great pain a pain I
Could not identify since

My heart had never been
A doctor’s concern so

I waited for it all to go
Away the pain the stone I
Felt upon my chest I even
Tried to go back to

Sleep and nothing went
Away things got only worse

I tried to count off what this
Might be bronchitis pneumonia
Or simply being too tired from
The semester’s work

The famous ache you see was
In my right arm not the left
So I knew it could not
Be that even though it

Was and as the sun was rising
I heard noises in the hall
Crawled to the door and opened
It and croaked a request to
Whomever in the hall

That could they there were two
Dial 9-1-1 for me and even had the
Presence to suggest this might
Be a heart attack after all

Here’s what I felt though
Through the whole of me in addition
To the pain a sense that I was
Dying and if so that I should
Let it go my tightening scrapping
Stabbing hold onto life

One word came to mind as if
I were hearing from outside
Though I was the only one
There and that word was

I don’t feel that now and take
No present comfort from that word

I think it was evoked to
Make me ready to make me
Less afraid as I felt more
The imminent loosening of this
Life in fact a relenting

It felt sad and serene at the
Same time

I like it here and do not want
To leave but I do think that
That word will come back


The Wanderer

The Wanderer

When not Dion’s song
An older lament about
The way we lived in medieval
Language (translated), too

A thousand years ago and more
In northern climes
After war, famine, disease, and
The end of family
Of all mortal ties

All that was left was the
Wanderer who had to live
On words, on songs
That might eke out
Some charity
In inhospitable days

Pilgrim Path

Pilgrim Path

Someday I’d love to walk
The path to Compostela, Spain
The pilgrimage of Saint
James and to his honor

Legacy, the pilgrim trail

I’d like to walk with company
I hear folk band together
On the way

The pilgrim path need not
Be done by one to count

God counts the pilgrim
In the heart, where the
Real path of challenges is trod



the mass of Christ
mass means together

we value peace on this day
many in a non-sectarian way;
silence prevails
though there will be those
who’ll try to ruin it

what can we say?
Christians might say
that Christ came down to earth
or came up
or came from all around

to buy peace, yes, and offer
of salvation, a ransom for the
sins of all—this is how our
lesson goes

must we enjoy belief in this
to have peace at this time?
I think we know the answer’s no

Preferred, maybe, by the sect
though God’s peace
is offered up as God’s preference
everywhere, for all

if you know John three-sixteen,
please read through seventeen—
and all have a glorious, peace-filled
Christmas day

Dragon’s Loyalty Award, My Nominating Process

1. Display the award on your blog
2. Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who awarded you
3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award
4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded
5. Write seven interesting things about you.

Nominated by Megan of Invisible World!–Thank you! (at)

(My) Following the rules:
Display the award. Here’s the Award (image above)
Six (other) bloggers for the award (below). Link the awardees in the post (if I can).
Seven interesting things about me (if there are seven):
1. I am left-handed, like ten percent of the population. It might be more but, you know, we are an oppressed kind. Actually, I heard a talk once about why we live less years than the right-handed. The world is oriented for the right hand, and we thus live in a more dangerous place.
2. I’m freckled. I have come to understand that having freckles is a trend—sometimes good, sometimes bad. I’m stuck with mine. I’m fine with that.
3. I have thought for years, without saying so, that the lead characters in classic Star Trek are allegories of the self. Kirk is energy and command. Spock is mind and strength. McCoy is feeling and creative talent. Put them together, you have the self, pretty much an entire self. Sorry they’re all men.
4. I wrote an article about The Hobbit and medieval literary tradition, which I have only recently found out is cited in books of scholarship. Heavy, expensive, comprehensive books (that probably only a few will buy and fewer will read). Some are older; some are new. But my, oh, my. Surprise me.
5. I like to act. I like to sing. I like to conduct singing.
6. Affirming what others have said, and maybe I have said elsewhere, I write to stay sane.
7. Dragons? An award with a dragon? That’s so cool! Well, fiery cool!
Other dragon-loyalty bloggers? Only six? Okay (and in no particular order–from going through messages in my G-mail):
What the Woman Wrote,
InvisibleWorld (wait, this nomination came from here),
A Reading Writer,
Jacki Kellum Juxtapositions,
An Offbeat Blue Stocking,
(Only 100 Words, has earned the dragon’s loyalty and mine and has been nominated elsewhere.)

Okay, I think I’ve followed the rules or hopefully near enough. Thanks, all, for such good—and, yes, loyal—work!  In ancient lore from various places on the earth, the dragon’s loyalty is powerful and unfaltering.  Wow!  We have dragons on our side!


(in the North)

Susserating word
Whispering in frost and crystalline
Syllables, telling us
That the time is changing

Fall is done, and winter’s here
Time for nature’s rest
Sleeping, fallow
Nurtured under blankets
Of the cold

Awaiting what’s to come anew

And those of us in candlelight
With wood fires and electric lamps
LED and Cadmium
We control light and heat
No longer are we partial
To this pace

We plant and reap in this time, too
Instinctively, we have evolved

We figure out our stride, for
Good or ill, while most
Of nature hides

Try Measuring Our Treasuring

Try Measuring Our Treasuring

It’s all right; I don’t mind
If what I seek is what you find

A treasure, wrap it up in stone
For me to find with sharpened bone

Then I’ll take a turn for you
To lead you into something new

Anticipating when it’s real
Ancient maps that we unseal

Seeking exotic gold
Keeping us, ‘til time unfold

Bringing us to homely rest
Normal calibrated nest

‘Til we hear the siren call
To sail out, maybe once for all

Who knows what’s in store
As we adventure and explore

As we go on, forevermore

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