Two Hundred Fifty Dead

two hundred fifty dead in Chennai
a rounded number while the
counting of the dead goes on

rains and flood that’s what did
it now hopefully not so much
because of human design in
placing buildings and the populace

Chennai so you know is a city
of the world not that that should
matter for the death of one
native inhabitant anywhere is

a loss that makes a difference I
know you know this

but international technology
companies have invested in
Chennai with their presence their
companies are closed there now

worst killing flood in a century it’s
said and the rain keeps falling there

the part of all that’s drowned and
so given up which might be of natural
design has me wonder about a

fallen world did everything fall
that was created first would even
storms and floods that for now
cut off life would they run true and

right if renewed into the first and
given state makes me wonder if
free will then was worth the cost

sometimes I wonder this at other
times I don’t question for I know

that a fallen world is not worth the
cost of discretion and of choice