Why Don’t the Deer Get Guns, Too?
(the first week of deer season in Pennsylvania)

I’ve been thinking that, during
hunting season, the deer should get
guns, too; and I’ll concede that they
wear the orange vests
for competition’s sake

I could be wrong, but to me it seems
the necks of deer are long and
marvelously muscled; we could
thus attach a gun (say, a snub-nosed
hunting rifle) that could be complexly
controlled by purposeful twitching
of organically-organized sinews

a sight lens could be connected from the
eye, the (aforementioned) orange vest
be slung, and now we have a proper
duel between hunter and the hunted

hunter and hunter, now
(hunted and the hunted)

do I mean this, no: and I’m grateful for
those (people) who hunt safely

and I understand that deer population
would otherwise be overrun

I simply want to offer a point
Intentionally, if in fancy dress (the
orange vest), that when we shoot
a gun, it’s highly, mortally probable
that someone might shoot back