Who Are You?

Megan’s Challenge from the Invisible World



First, here are the rules.  (From Megan, the boss.)
While I’m being bossy, here are the rules.
1. Answer the questions listed below.
2. Leave a link to your post in the comments so I can read about how fabulous you are.  I’ll also make sure to leave a comment. (What? I can’t miss the opportunity to let my opinion be known. I am an oldest AND an Aries. Dang…don’t mess with me. Just kidding. I’ll be nice. *angelic smile*)
3. Have fun!
And so you don’t have to go back through the entire post, here is the…

List of Questions

What is your Myers Briggs personality type?
What is your zodiac sign?
What Hogwarts house would you be in?
What are your learning styles?
Are you more of a left-brain or a right brain kind of person?
What is your blood type?
What career are you meant to be in?
Which divergent fraction do you belong in?
What is your birth order?

If you accept this challenge, you can use this old-school chalkboard in your post. (You don’t have to if you are allergic to chalk dust.)

And here are my responses. (I’d like to use a chalkboard. My favorite medium in the classroom besides discussion. Is there a chalk-and-board technology I’m missing?)  I refer to links for quizzes and such.  These links are at Megan’s challenge post, the second post I give, above.

One. The answers are below.

Two. If I post a link to all my responses, that link will be at Megan’s blog. I could try posting everything to Megan’s blog, but that seems imposing. Even if she is Aries and oldest child. Or maybe because of that.

Three. I’m having fun (*emoji blowing New-Year’s-Eve horn*).

(responses to the list of questions, now)

The last time I took Meyers-Briggs, the results were ENFP. The E is a weak E. The N is a strong N. (E is extrovert. N is intuitive.)

My zodiac sign (in the more oft-used astrological calendar) is Libra. Balanced. Judicious. Yay.

I took the Hogwarts house-quiz and was selected for Gryffindor. Slytherin is the baddies’ house. I’m not sure what happens in the other houses.

I’ve worked as an educator for a while. I became aware of learning styles and have relied on them when teaching and gauging learner response. I’m satisfied learning through reading and through writing. I realize, Megan, this is a minority presence on the learning grid. Also like you, I like to learn through kinesthetic—that is, through holistically doing stuff.

I once attended a day-long workshop on learning styles. The program started with a simple exercise that I could not do. We were given five seconds to put something written on the board by the leader into order on a piece of paper. Everyone was writing. I was lost. After five seconds and with pens down, the leader asked the group who arranged things in a certain way. Several persons’ hands went up. Then we were asked if we arranged things in another way, and everyone else’s hands were raised. Except mine. I was still lost and feeling rather stupid, especially for doing something wrong right at the start of the day. Then the leader asked if anyone could not write anything at all. Feeling outcast enough, I did not raise my hand. Then we were told, “Come on, in a group this size there should be at least one of you confused.” So I eased my hand skyward. “Good,” the leader said. “If you can’t do this exercise, it means the hemispheres of your brain work in balance, together.”

My blood type is A-positive. A pretty common type, I understand, for which I’m thankful, especially when I think I underwent a transfusion this past June (I wasn’t conscious at the time). But now, let’s see, what this type means according to the scale linked in the challenge . . . . Hmm, Britney Spears. Interesting company. Yay. Again. Presence of mind, coherent, stubborn—yes, all that fits. Good planner, yes, though then I wait for the plan to fall apart. And maybe I judiciously (that Libra aspect, again) share opinions, thoughts, and feelings. Though I do share. Why, I’m sharing here.

My career had better have something to do with learning, writing, literature, and spirituality. Other than people, these are the things I care about most. . . . . Well, I got Writer. And a nifty photo of someone typing and smoking a pipe. I’m sure both look better on Megan ‘cause she got writer, too. So I’m in good company there.

Divergent faction. If this is based on the series, I’ve only seen the first two films. I haven’t read the stories. The Giver, yes; The Maze Runner, yes. The Forest of Hands and Teeth. But the quiz will give me a result, anyway, right? . . . . I got Candor. Don’t know what that means as a faction. Then right away the screen dissolved into one offering me a free trial of Marie Claire. Don’t know what that means, either.–Wait! I thought these were factions. They are “fractions”?

I am the middle of five siblings. Made to be one person at one time—an older—or the other at another time—the younger. Maybe I’m supposed to be in charge. Maybe I’m supposed to be the underling of another boss. Hence never knowing where I really belong. (Break.) Now I’ve looked at the linked descriptions, and I must say they’re pretty good. Flexible, independent, generous, rebellious. Lots of opposite qualities co-existing in the list. For myself, I’d say feeling out of place—how it is with or without the list—is what fits most for me in the middle.

Okay, that’s it. Megan’s responses are at her blog (link at the top of this post). You should read them. Megan’s funny. Intentionally.