History of Terrorism
(after bombings in Istanbul,
killing ten so far, wounding fifteen)

“What impresses your most about terrorists?”
“Their hundred-percent failure.”

I heard something like this in a television
Show, well-written show, an episode
First broadcast in the wake of 911

Now we have murder in Istanbul by a
Suicide bomber, so it appears, maybe in
Fearful avenging Turkish strikes against IS

Is ISIS going to have a state? Will the world
Allow that? Explosions, shootings,
Destroying lives with bodies strapped

With bombs: do these all realize such
A difference? Only in wasting, it seems—in
Exploitation and in scorn and in the
World’s resolve to stand together and against

Not a rising storm but rather in a lower
Continuity of tries at terror and of terror
Acts filled with, terribly and finally—you

Know, Macbeth’s signifying sound and fury