“Adversity, Misfortune”
(written with all urgency)

Is what it means
Malheur (thanks to
Collins), and there is
A certain story about
That (Mister Thurber,
You can look it up)

But the story that is
Written now can
Only add to the
First meaning

Set fire? No
Imprison any longer?
Militia? We have
The National Guard
(I know, national)

Grace, which translates
Closely all around,
Needs abounding here

Not perched in a
Distant tree, an
Observation pillar,
Waiting to return
To normal life

Not to blame the bird
The bird is natural,
Even as a metaphor

Grace is better
It takes “mal-heur”
To render it “bon-temps”
(Sorry if I slaughter French
A language I enjoy)

I am of Northwest
I am in Oregon (check
The names)

My grandfather built
Refuges like
Malheur (though I’d
Like to think he’d have
Checked the name)

All are right in this
All are wrong
Everyone back up
And change the stakes

Then everyone not further
Newly charged (please, no)
In need-corrected wrong

And be home

C L Couch
January 2016