To anyone whose reading. There are names with links for some truly fine blogs given below. I invite and encourage you to visit them.


Thank you, Call Me Cordelia, whose blog about reading and writing—and cooking—makes me smile. Thank you for the timing of the award. As you note, it’s a great time of year (in the northern regions of the world) in which to be reminded of the spring-upcoming, rewarding sunshine. I’m kind of season-shocked from Storm Jonas and after. This recognition warms.

Call Me Cordelia’ blog,

Call Me Cordelia’s award post,

(Cordelia’s) Questions for the Nominees:

1. What or who inspired you to blog?
2. Do you write outside of your blog?
3. What is your biggest fear regarding reading and/or cooking and/or traveling?
4. Describe the best thing you ever created.
5. What book belongs on everyone’s bookshelf?
6. What is the one thing that is definitely overrated?
7. Which book was so vivid, you could visualize the characters and plot as if you were watching a movie?
8. Truth, which movie did you like better than the book?
9. What always makes you smile, no matter what’s going on?
10. Where is the most beautiful place you’ve been?
11. Have you read War and Peace? If yes, what did you think? If no, why not?

My Responses

1. My spiritual director recommended I blog. I think he thought it might turn out commercially for me. I’m enjoying it avocationally, however.
2. Yes. I’ve been keeping a journal—haphazardly at first, then pretty much daily since I got back home from open-heart surgery. When teaching, I write a great deal for work.
3. I’m claustrophobic and acrophobic. I fly in planes, though it’s a challenge. My fear in cooking is sickening my guests. So far that hasn’t happened. I have eye strain when reading. Hopefully, it will never get more difficult than that.
4. Since have no children and cannot take credit for creating a cat, I guess I’d say a couple of poems that I wrote that made folk cry (in a good way).
5. One can know God without the Bible, so I think I’ll say The Hobbit. About what happens when someone ordinary must exceed self-expectation in order to become heroic.
6. Excess. Our society says excess is good. It’s not.
7. Ghost Story by Peter Straub. I got so engrossed and frightened by the plot, I put the novel down. But I had grown to care about the characters, so I picked it up again.
8. The Princess Bride.
9. Cleverness makes me smile. Whether it was in my cat or in the precocious children whom I know. That’s an especially good question. I hadn’t thought about this before.

My questions for nominees:

1. Do you have a favorite season? Can you say why?
2. What do you like to read? Any kinds of reads you like? Do you have a favorite text? (Which is?)
3. Why do you write?
4. Why do you keep a blog? How did you start? Was someone else involved (and, if you don’t mind saying, who)?
5. Do you have a favorite way to write? A favorite place?
6. When you’re not writing or reading, what else do you like to do?
7. What would you like to do when you grow up? (I’m still working on this.)
8. What is a text (doesn’t have to be your favorite) that you think everyone should read and have at hand (if only to recommend to someone else)?
9. So far, based on your notion of beauty, what is the most beautiful place you have been to?
10. Besides your blog, what else do you write?
11. Today (besides responding to these questions, naturally!), what will you do that you enjoy?

My Nominees (I’m thinking sunshine as I write–and I’ll be in touch)

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Ishma Imroz,
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Jacki Kellum Juxtapositions,
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Sanghramitra’s Blog,

If you maintain an award-free blog, that’s fine, of course. You may simply (and only) enjoy the nomination.
If I’ve nominated you before or elsewhere, well, there are all-new questions (some swiped from others—I mean, respectfully borrowed as an homage) here! Have a go!
If I haven’t nominated you and I should have, I apologize. And for any mistakes I’ve made in transferring blog links, in my own writing, and so forth.
For those of you who fully respond to the nomination, Thanks and Celebrate the Sunshine!

The Award Rules

• Thank the person who nominated you!
• Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
• Nominate 11 other bloggers and let them know they were nominated.
• Ask the nominees 11 questions. Use others’ questions. Compose your own.
• Copy and place the award logos at your blog, as a shiny icon of distinction.