Willow, on Three Legs

Willow, on three legs—
A wolf, one leg ruined
In a trap

Willow protected now
In sanctuary

We had a feline with
Three legs, one leg
Caught in a trap

She was purebred,
And the vet reasoned
That, once marred in
The trap, the cat
Could not be shown
For ribbons and so
Was discarded

My sister gave the
Siamese an exotic
Name, Scheherazade
(“Shahrazad,” the teller
Of one thousand plus
One tales, the tyrant’s
Wife who lives), and
For seventeen years
We lived with her

She was a gentle cat
Except for one trait:
She was the best
Birder in the cat pride
We kept then

Tragedy turned cat-
Happy life (well, not
So much for certain
Birds): Well done!

Well told,

May Willow live as
Happily and as whole

(Willow introduced
To me, as with so
Many things, on PBS)