(my brief cycle of nature poetry,
fractured and otherwise, ends
with this animated entry; maybe
I have been stir-crazy or simply
become, you know, duck soup)



I know there’s Aflac
And classic Disney Donald

But I tend to think
On Daffy of Looney Tunes

(TM and circle-R, I’m sure
And circle C for these icons)

Remember when he
Wanted to be rich (well,

That would be always)
And then he angered a

Genie?—in the final scene,
Bugs Bunny opens up an

Oyster, discovering a
Pearl; then a transformed,

Tiny Daffy runs up Bugs’s
Arm, cradles the pearl under

The ceiling of the shell
And, while the shell (and the

Episode) is closing, mutters in
A high pitch to himself,

“I am a wealthy miser.”
Now, children of any age,

Aren’t those words
To live by?

That’s all.