Happy Tails, Happy Trails

I grew up with cats, with
Dogs, partly with a horse
(an entire horse), some
Guinea pigs, I think, and
Fish I could not relate to

There was a rabbit (maybe
Two rabbits—you know
How they are), a rescued

I met a big snake one time
At a program with a guide;
I enjoyed petting the snake

Feeling its muscles move
Beneath the skin

I enjoyed a staring contest
With a deer across the
Yard; actually, we were
Both walking the local
Cemetery and caught, as
If to trap, each other’s eyes

The things—Scripture’s
Creeping things—with tails
Are the ones I seem to
Do best with; I suppose I
Create a cheat out of
Belief and hope that the
Ones with tails and I are
Getting along

Well, what can I say? My
Wish (I don’t think Dale
Evans Rogers would mind)—

Happy tails, happy trails


this work is incited (that is, inspired in
an especially zealous way) in part by a
delightful blog and an extraordinary
group, Three Chatty Cats, celebrating
wondrously the rescue of cats