Endure Oregon Protest

They are still in Oregon.
The protest goes and has
Closed in. A leader, Cliven
Bundy, was arrested.

“Cliven” could be a past-
participle word for
“Cleave” (I don’t know
that it was)—an odd word

cleave: on its own, it would
seem to mean to cut into
two, yet it is the word used
for bonding in marriage

talk. Maybe the ideas is
that in marrying we slice
ourselves off one plant
and in a cleaved (or cliven)

state are grafted to another.
From both parts, then, new
growth is hybrid-formed—
and was such unity made

made here? Since one last
leader was taken, it would
not seem so; disunity, like
bad harmony, sounds from

final voices that endured.
Not to say that protest by
occupying and with guns
is a better way, for it is not.

But someone should really
hear what they have to say—
I’m not partisan in this
for feeling for both sides.

I simply wish equality imbued.
Everyone should be heard.
Everybody gets a turn. Not
A game—but how we should

have it. All the same.