(in wake of USA candidate debates)


“America Great Again”

Presumes, first, that America
Was great; second, that
America is not great now;

Third, that the way to save
America is retro-work—to
Move back

Americans (from both
Continents) were majestically
Successful in overturning

At deadly, awful, perilous
Cost the evil that was Nazi
Warring by crazed leadership

America (USA) is great with
Wealth and resources,
Though deserves skeptic

Observation in generosity
And evened opportunity;
and while one can appreciate

What are traditional, even
Foundational, values, the
Way ahead is not behind

Returning to the basics
Doesn’t work—though we
Can move forward to the

Basics, crafting and cementing,
Dreaming and creating these
Anew—this way makes USA

Great for a new time, which
Now is a smarter reason to
Elect then, wisely, move forward