Psalm 28
a song when I feel haunted

I need, Lord, your love

Who doesn’t need the love of

And yet I fear

I fear the ghosts that haunt me
From the past into the present

How do you proceed in this

How do you love?

How might I know peace this
Day from all the days wrought
In iron pain, now fully steel-

You are here, I know

You can bear sinuous demon’s
Presence away, even into

Yet I feel possessed, perhaps in
Lack of faith:

Past wrongs, mine and theirs, that
Aberrate the life that you first

Maybe this is why, in life, the (first)
Psalmists say, Make straight your

For the line of majesty arriving as
The lord of care

Travels truly—with economy and
All divine electricity—on the line

Made edged and replete when we
Ally in your design