H is for History


History is not experience

But a record of what happened


My father liked to tell stories

Of growing up along Puget

Sound, which he swam across

Part of with regularity


Well, it seems that a border

Dispute arose between folks

In Seattle (probably Olympia,

State capital and southerly

Sound-located) and those in

Vancouver and of all the parts

On both sides—


A conflict of two nations, as

It were, Canada and the USA


One day the problem was

Resolved in a game of baseball


The border was settled over

Nine-innings’ play


I don’t recall who won; maybe

I was never told—that’s not

The point—the day was saved

Not with guns but by a game,

Sporting in every way


My father’s storytelling was

History—and is—a recording

Of the time and what transpired


My telling this to you becomes

A history as well


How about making a history

For yours