I is for Imagining


(I know, I said brevity in

form; at least the lines

are short)


Relevant elegance

Can you imagine?

Like a poet in a tuxedo

Exchanging arctic jibes

Because the penguin

Believes the poet

Is related (and

Antarctic creatures

Always make fun

Of those from the

Warm stove top that

Is the distant North


Innovation intonation

Can you imagine?

Like a singer inventing

A new octave for

A new kind of song


Everyone might hear

No one will understand

But, known or not,

The singer sings on


Abnegation imagination

Can you fathom?

Like a magician who

Returns things to the

Top hat, until the rabbit

Says, β€œToo much!”


As Dorothy Sayers

Might say, if toucan

Imagine, you can, too


If two can imagine,

You can, too




(Sayers is known for co-creating

Guinness ads in the 1930s,

making rounds again, as all

good things like good drinks do)