Book(Poem)-Spine Poem

(inspired by so many of my blogging

peers-friends skillful in this)


All quiet on the Western front

A confederacy of dunces

The charge of the Light Brigade

The crying of Lot 49

Diving into the wreck



Dandelion wine

Something wicked this way comes

And then there were none


Ship of fools

On the beach


Brave New World


A is for alibi

Because I could not stop for death

The cry of the children

A sad heart at the supermarket

Goblin market



(Remarque, Toole, Tennyson, Pynchon, Rich, Shakespeare, Bradbury, Bradbury, Christie, Porter, Shute, Zamyatin from Cyrillic, Huxley, Grafton, Dickinson, Barret Browning, Jarrell, Rossetti)