form that serves itselF

like bureaucracy that’s lost its waY

calculation and summatioN

records of everythinG

charts everything but coursE

never showing us the waY

has credibility for the shape it iS

and because it works more efficiently than uS


We pioneer

We tear the paper edges even on waterproof paper

We feel the wind and rain

Spear through our layers of cotton, wool, and stronger new-made stuff

We are sturdy stuff

We try

We try again


the machine doesn’t threateN

but it is an alien thinG

We are not made of catalogued parts

Rather creator’s compass

It may know

To us it’s brave chaos

Risk in the unknown


machine doesn’t feaR

In wind that incites

We don’t fear


To us it is all vague before we explore

Shapeless and clock-incalculable

To which we’ll add

what gear-efficiency cannoT


Purpose enough

Blogging from A to Z Challenge