When we do it, it’s Worse


Death number climbs in

Ecuador, while the dead

Are counted in Japan, as the

Living are cared for


Because the earth cracked

Widely, terribly of its own


An explosion in Kabul

Kills many, destroys other

Things—homes, places of

Business, religious practice

Surfaces—and the death of



This destruction caused by

The Taliban that sees no

Wrong in murdering its own


Since, in this act, the

Perpetrator and the victim

Share the nation’s blood


Civil war or any like-tragedy

Inside of one people


We romanticize our war in



But I think, all said, we’d

Rather have the romance

Without the dead


If God can save Afghanistan


If it pleases within the

Parameters of will and

Allowance for humanity


I hope God rescues both life

And the liberty


For believers to submit

Themselves for what they’ve

Earned—mercy or God’s

Unqualified judgment