Who knew


Who pays attention


Largest oil reserve in (within)

The world, and all of it these

Days for less than naught


Oil prices are low, and leaders

Of oil-supply can’t cooperate


So while I pay less to fill my

Car’s tank with gasoline for

Which (I’m sorry) I’m grateful


Those who live in another

Part of America are starved

Out of sugar and flour for

The day and even toilet paper


We can laugh for what we

Throw over trees, which only

Makes a nervous joke out

Of excess


It’s complex, for I need

Cheaper fuel for the car—I

Need cheaper for everything,

Such is the life of the older

And disabled and, at best,

Partially employed


But, generally, I can get sugar

When I need it, and the other



I have access to help


And I am not a nation living

Not Venezuela