The last English letter,

The last song, the final



Evidently, the British

Like to say this letter

As a word, while

Other English speakers

Simply say zee


As I think through

My own alphabet

(More or less in order),

It seems most words

For letters are more

Or less the letter



Though double-u

Describes what it is

(In Spanish, double-v)—


And the eighth-letter


Name might be

Overwrought, long A

Followed by a soft chuh,

Ache with the K

Sound substituted


I like calligraphy,

Illumined text in Latin

Or another word—I’m

Sure I’d have no

Patience for the work,


Though I love the



Would love to have a

Large single letter,

As if monk-made,

Framed, shining to

Illumine me


Which letter, I don’t

Know—I’ve twenty-

Six letters in my tongue

(On my tongue) from

Which to choose


What letters might light

Up my mind and what

Ones for you






Blogging from A to Zed Challenge