(30 April)


Eve of a saint’s day and


Something to do with

Witches and with German

Witches, I imagine—the

Good kind of witch, I’m



Not Charmed witches,

‘Cause they were silly

(After three seasons,

Anyway) nor the crones

With noses whose hooks

Could hold pots, so badly

Were they drawn


Maybe that’s why,

Starting at dawn, the

Television plays episodes

Of (so-called) real



Because tonight good

Witches are dancing in

Dark bulls’-eyed circled

Places with what light

They might extract from

The sentinel moon


Under which their sinews

Slide in pace to music



Beseeching sky and earth

And fire with water held

In fashioned vessels


To love the world and

Give their healing magic

Potency to break feverish

Ills that make corrupting


Sickness of what men

Catch and spread when

Dealing in the day



Harz witch in front of the fire