Psalm 37

a song of earthly rendering


When news is so bad

Coupled with lack of opportunity

Everything is weighted down, dear Lord

I don’t know how to make it better

To see it better

To feel it better

Please, what shall I do

In past work, we see

That you are there

That you follow us through mountain passes

Over peaks

And in valleys so blinding in fog over the way

That we could be underneath earth as well as above


You bring us home, dear Lord

And are with us in safety

Or in peril

Calm our fears so that we might enjoy some relaxation in peace

Some soft moments in our day

Some mercy on the way


Let your justice prevail, O Lord, so much better than ours

May your help be plentiful

Your presence touchable

If only upon

The surface of our spirits

Because we can keep it dense and difficult

To allow you further in


Pardon me and be with me

Even when I am poor in realizing you