(driving out)


Misty Mountains, Pennsylvania


I travel west on I-76, and it is there:

The Lonely Mountain


Higher and set apart from the ridge

That falls away, behind


A dragon set atop, searching for

Prey gone to ground


Orcs lurk below, ready to battle

Dwarves who stand ready ‘round

The deep tomb of their king at rest,

Diamond earthstar guard upon

His chest


I see these shadowed and

Foreshadowed parts of epic



Tolkien, the literary mentor, first

Saw his



(driving back)


Rainbow World


I drive east on a four-lane reach

Of road, not an interstate so I

Have concerns to watch out

For local traffic


It has been raining, now mostly

Stopped with dark clouds in

The distance


Yet there must be a band of

Spectrum light somewhere

Because before me is a rainbow


That, against grey background,

Shines with every ordered

Color distinct and bleeding

Into from each other


Purple into blue into green

Into yellow in orange into red

From blended shades



It arches, and I see both ends

Where it leaves the hillside,

Arcs before my car, lands on

More dimly-toned earth in

My direction


Of course, I think of Irish

And of argent pots inside with

Their own hills, sun-colored



And the folk who keep it,

Minding with angry magic any