Jazz Mass


Syncopated praise

Offbeat words and rhythm

Liturgy and litany

We have our ways to get



Invocated presence in

Bright colors through the

Music that we see and

Feel as well as hear


All are especially welcome

Here, for come-as-you-are

Takes new meaning


That which is not day-by-

Day is especially

Welcome now and here


It’s all right, though, the

Day-by-day folk are

Welcome, too


Everything is solid, yes

Though with haze

Around the edges

A cloud of unknowing

Truths because all of

Us might not know

What note might be

Arriving next


What might be played

What might be heard


What might be

Received from God

Snapping fingers,

Tapping toes, humming

As if the tone were

Sitting right with us


Because it is


And we might be

Changed for this time

Of many times—6/8,

4/4, 5/4, 7/8—however

It Gospel-goes


Out of the blue

Out of the blues



(a contemporary form of

Christian worship)