Because one is still


Does not mean that one is safe—

Life in one cell is open to

Mutation, loss of parts, disease;


Life within a prison cell

Suffers from same dangers


In detention and in


(Even with others in proximity),


Under death-order and maybe death-





Fixed under a demon’s yoke

Whose cause is politics,

Who for an idea


Has been taken out

Of actual existence?


Toward the Southern Pole

(Closer than most of us will

Get), there is a Russian Orthodox



Ten bodies with ten souls within

May worship;


The rest know that the church is



Triptychs of spirit and of hope


At the end of the world,


Where there is likelihood

Of living through oppression


Wrought by nature or assignment.


What sanctuary in the prison cell,

Where trapped mind and abandoned

Spirit are closed maybe for a

Final time,


Where fear

The only inner company?


Andy awaits

Release of one kind or


Kidnapped Briton spends 700th day in illegal detention

A British man who is held under sentence of death in Ethiopia has spent his 700th day in unlawful detention, after he was kidnapped and rendered to the country by Ethiopian forces in 2014.