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Display the Award in your post, mention your nominator [above], link back to them [link-post above], answer five questions, and nominate five to ten others.

Questions [my replies beneath my nominations]:

  1. What made you choose WP as your blogging platform?
  2. Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog.
  3. Are you a once in a while blogger or a daily one?
  4. Do you wish to publish and if so, what type of book?
  5. What is your favorite thing to do besides write?



[feel free to respond to the nominations with writing; feel free not to; feel free simply to bask]:

Stray Coffee Breaks (who manages a cuppa with two puppies afoot),

A Reading Writer (who’s been writing about coffee and love, too),

Invisible World (read Hashna!),

Moonskittles (start by simply enjoying the name),

Only 100 Words (for narratives and challenges),

Sabethville (for limericks and important translations),

AngieInspired (like Archimedes, moving the world),


Question Replies:

  1. I don’t remember.
  2. Christopher Leo Couch. Christopher for Christopher Robin.  Leo for my father’s name.  Couch because a thousand years members of my clan made cushions for uncomfortable medieval furniture (otherwise) made of wood and stone.  My blog is about poetry.  I got to know the blogosphere through the Blogging University’s poetry class.  I’ve been writing for years and taught writing, too.
  3. I blog daily now. For maybe half a year by now.  I started the blog while recovering from surgery.  I found writing was one of the few things I could so with relative ease.  I journaled daily (instead of haphazardly) and then moved to the blog.  I continue both daily.
  4. I would like to publish a small book of poetry, hardbound. When going to a bookstore, I go to the poetry section (often having to hunt for it), and it’s a treat when I find a small hardbound (I guess a better work is clothbound) book of poetry.  For instance, Mary Oliver’s poems tend to appear this way.  So my writing dream is this.
  5. Spend time in the world. Be in touch—visit, when possible—with family, friends, and neighbors.  Go to stores and enjoy the strangers I encounter there.  Take drives to nowhere in particular.  Track the world’s events through various media.  Then spend time away from the world.  Have relative quiet.    Read.  Write, often nothing in particular.  Think probably like Pooh-bear.  Enjoy honey definitely as does Pooh-bear.


I responded to the questions given, though I imagine others could re-work the questions to suit themselves or to put forth to others.  There’s seems to be good precedence for this in the blogging world.

Thanks, Mandi!

Thanks, blogging community!


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