Feats of Clay


I know he was no longer

Clay once he became Ali


I could not resist the pun;

And if you don’t recall,

If you never knew, he

Was a funny guy (funny

As the word “guy”)


Humor charged his

Boasts—reality charged

The rest that really



He was the greatest:

Neither the floating

Butterfly nor the stinging

Bee would  disagree—nor

Would opponents, once

Rested and articulate



I heard athletic adversaries

Talking throughout the



I also, years ago, watched

His performance in a

Television-movie: he

Played a humble man


Wanting to improve

Himself against the odds


No surprise, his character

Was convincing


In life, he proved his wider

Claims; he showed that

Black boxing can hit



I don’t like boxing, but I like

What he did


I like how he believed


Older than my siblings (I

Am in the middle), three

Of us from the same town,


Famous for other matters—

Horserace and the classic

Baseball bat


I’ll take him first for our

Shared city


And what he made there


Victory and better days