What are we doing


Shootings in a night club

In Orlando

A home of amusement

Parks that invite many

To play-worlds


What kind of patterned,

Surrender of sanity

Are we about, call it

Terror or derangement

Or “just a family thing”


A singer shot

The other night

In the Florida

City, too

She might have

Been smiling

As a blessing,

Flush from


Just before


We lose and lose

Blood and life and ground

The earth of reason

Climbs away, above a

Plain of misery


I watch and read the

News in my small



Where grown-ups

Are shot and children

Are abused, as if

By grinning devils or

Their supplicants


The Eumenides must weep

They do not demand

Or negate choice—they

Simply weave our

Threads of fate from


Which we have co-opted



We do these things,

And is there such disparity:


A world of who-has

Living behind a barrier

Of wealth and fantasy

And hired protection

(So to say)


Until distance is broken



Fear, isolated penury,

And vacuum-thinking

Shooting, burning through


Shattering separation

In a final, violating way


Until from lives

Destroyed, death layers

Everyone on a field

Of weeds


Weeds for mundane death,

For funeral-attending


We are all equal now