Means and Extremes


Today I feel sliced

Crossed factors no longer

Adding up


My friend, my counselor

Is gone

A singer is gone

A songbird wayward on its



And fifty and fifty more

Are dead and wounded

In one place


Forty more in Bangladesh

Killed by the kind that

Above turned ill


Who took our celebrations?


Thirty years ago

My mother died today

No wonder, then, with


All that’s now divided

I cannot find my way


A time to dance

A time to mourn

A time to play

A time to play like children

A time to play music

Like children

Simply with easy



Solomon sings true

For us

When we lose our beloveds


A time to pray

A time to cry

A time to take what we have

With what we know

To open onto the good path

Another way


To take down barriers

To walk together

Lifting those who can’t


To multiply our source

And have it all, recourse