modest gathering


Here is some verse I’d like to share.  First a few haiku, inspired by the natural world.  Then a poem about pie.



Over northern sky

Aurora Borealis

Amazes our world



Over southern sky

The Aurora Australis

This locus astounds



Horses are aware;

They don’t care who wins because

Horses want to run



Horses who stand still

Are wiser than we, for they

Know quiet learning


Pie Outside Can’t Hide


Crimp pie crust

Not too hard, ‘cause

Dust to dust


Enjoy the crimp

With elf and imp


Like will-o-the-wisp

When fall is crisp

We bake our wares

To cool on stairs


Steam sprite-rises

No surprises

Wafting dessert:

Magic food alert!


(Gradmama the other day used a couple of words I like, so I added them in here.  Kind of like trying new ingredients in a pie.