World on Fire


Several states in USA

Bear fire uncontrolled;


Persons have died—

Rampant destruction



UN and news services

Cite the number at

Sixty-five million who

Are refugees, another

Moving blaze.


Venezuelans break

Into stores for food—

Don’t tell me poverty


And want do not burn,

For they are always



Politics burns as well,

Violence in discourse:


No civility here, thank

You—we’d rather talk

Through bared teeth;


Unseasoned anger is

A flame as well.


In extinguishing the

Fires, cooling help that

Even overwhelms

Then washes is virally

Needed to calm soon-

to-be charred, hollow



Water of


Hope, strength for the

Mind with all our literal

Muscle that can


Rescue a planet and keep

It safe, even joyful in a

Future (how about later



Dewy and thankfully

Damp day.