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June 2016

World on Fire

World on Fire


Several states in USA

Bear fire uncontrolled;


Persons have died—

Rampant destruction



UN and news services

Cite the number at

Sixty-five million who

Are refugees, another

Moving blaze.


Venezuelans break

Into stores for food—

Don’t tell me poverty


And want do not burn,

For they are always



Politics burns as well,

Violence in discourse:


No civility here, thank

You—we’d rather talk

Through bared teeth;


Unseasoned anger is

A flame as well.


In extinguishing the

Fires, cooling help that

Even overwhelms

Then washes is virally

Needed to calm soon-

to-be charred, hollow



Water of


Hope, strength for the

Mind with all our literal

Muscle that can


Rescue a planet and keep

It safe, even joyful in a

Future (how about later



Dewy and thankfully

Damp day.

modest gathering

modest gathering


Here is some verse I’d like to share.  First a few haiku, inspired by the natural world.  Then a poem about pie.



Over northern sky

Aurora Borealis

Amazes our world



Over southern sky

The Aurora Australis

This locus astounds



Horses are aware;

They don’t care who wins because

Horses want to run



Horses who stand still

Are wiser than we, for they

Know quiet learning


Pie Outside Can’t Hide


Crimp pie crust

Not too hard, ‘cause

Dust to dust


Enjoy the crimp

With elf and imp


Like will-o-the-wisp

When fall is crisp

We bake our wares

To cool on stairs


Steam sprite-rises

No surprises

Wafting dessert:

Magic food alert!


(Gradmama the other day used a couple of words I like, so I added them in here.  Kind of like trying new ingredients in a pie.

Life Goes On

Life Goes On


The name of a television

Show, I think,

As well as an old saying


And it does—

Life does go on, that is


Like one, unending sentence

Written and read

Throughout the years


An Edgar Poe-like sentence;

He could write a sentence

That would take up a page

And be no less fascinating


For the length and, what

Turned out, the breadth


A single-sentence life,

Broken up with punctuation


A question mark when

There is doubt, an

Exclamation point when

And where

Something needs affirming


Say, a celebration


A period when things must

Stop for a while, tragedy

Or wonder of accomplishment


Today is a comma

A pause

Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night


Retiring into the deep

Colors of the day


We come to the end

When light must give

Way to night


We sigh and with

Misty breath, exhale


Into the coming dark


No more arguments

To make against the



Maybe a farmer’s

Understanding, for

There are evening



Whose cycle will

Reverse the colors


Sorry, perhaps, for

Those who cannot

Read the final

Message in the dusk

Of dying day


Well, look to new hues

In the tellings that

Arrive, whenever


Daytime and

Nighttime meet, alive




Moment is quiet

Inside everything

I am thankful


For those who

Have no sanctuary

In time or mind


I’m sorry

I wish for better

(I’m Irish—wishes work)


A moment to breathe

Without impeding

Mortal noise:


Wish for rest

A pause for

Absolute or take mitigated






Where do we go from here?

Life on Earth diminishes


Human life, animal species

Extinct, genii of plants within

Which might have served

Chemistry for fixing disease


We look for life out there

And why not: that’s what’s



But for today, while we’re

Still here,


Build a world that someone

Else might want to visit, work

With us, share

Means and Extremes

Means and Extremes


Today I feel sliced

Crossed factors no longer

Adding up


My friend, my counselor

Is gone

A singer is gone

A songbird wayward on its



And fifty and fifty more

Are dead and wounded

In one place


Forty more in Bangladesh

Killed by the kind that

Above turned ill


Who took our celebrations?


Thirty years ago

My mother died today

No wonder, then, with


All that’s now divided

I cannot find my way


A time to dance

A time to mourn

A time to play

A time to play like children

A time to play music

Like children

Simply with easy



Solomon sings true

For us

When we lose our beloveds


A time to pray

A time to cry

A time to take what we have

With what we know

To open onto the good path

Another way


To take down barriers

To walk together

Lifting those who can’t


To multiply our source

And have it all, recourse




What are we doing


Shootings in a night club

In Orlando

A home of amusement

Parks that invite many

To play-worlds


What kind of patterned,

Surrender of sanity

Are we about, call it

Terror or derangement

Or “just a family thing”


A singer shot

The other night

In the Florida

City, too

She might have

Been smiling

As a blessing,

Flush from


Just before


We lose and lose

Blood and life and ground

The earth of reason

Climbs away, above a

Plain of misery


I watch and read the

News in my small



Where grown-ups

Are shot and children

Are abused, as if

By grinning devils or

Their supplicants


The Eumenides must weep

They do not demand

Or negate choice—they

Simply weave our

Threads of fate from


Which we have co-opted



We do these things,

And is there such disparity:


A world of who-has

Living behind a barrier

Of wealth and fantasy

And hired protection

(So to say)


Until distance is broken



Fear, isolated penury,

And vacuum-thinking

Shooting, burning through


Shattering separation

In a final, violating way


Until from lives

Destroyed, death layers

Everyone on a field

Of weeds


Weeds for mundane death,

For funeral-attending


We are all equal now



(for my friend Sanford)


Love pitches

And slides down

No purchase for a hold

All last moments gone



Are friend sitting beside

Me, sometimes

Walking with me here

And there


You moved so slowly

Through the world

So that love might

Permeate, a message

In itself


Go slowly, the Buddhists

Say—you taught me



A righteous challenge

For those who move

Too fast, a badge

A sign that virtue

Is in rapidity alone


Rather what we do

While on the way

Is what makes the



And the love we leave

While on our way


Where you are

Is good, is right

Is healing, and is



You loved us here

Thank you for that

I cannot say good-bye

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