Sitting on Cats


My week’s occupation

Done with lack of grace


They look at me indifferently

As I feed and water, pet

And play, even attempt


To impose medicine

Within one’s tiny mouth


We make it through—I

Would not give myself a

Good grade for care, though

Not for lack of




They came to me and then

Stayed away: It’s only you;

Feed us, check the litter



And leave


But one day, despite ourselves,

I found each cat and got





Looking at one while

Scratching behind the

Ears (the cat’s) and simply

Lying on the floor


So we could see each other


For the second (though

Equal among firsts),

There was something close

By to play with (besides

My heart-strings) and, what

Do you know,


We played


I received an electronic

Missive telling me my

Service was done—now


True cat-caring can

Commence without me


With the right ones at home


Well, we had a heat wave,

Didn’t we—which might

Explicate in part


Royal lethargy


And, if asked again

(Depending on the report

Received by parents),

I’ll prostrate myself in




To liege-lords ruling their

Split-level citadel


Now off to learn something

About post-modern dogs