As in I’m in favor of

And would like more;

My neighborly air

Too damp


Like Arabian palaces

And towers, craving


Light and space and


Breathing in and out

In an Earth-blue sky


Anyone offering work



With room and board


Arizona or how about

California? Or in


Situ the Alhambra?


I know, there are

Wildfires out west—

Conflagration of a

Kind (unkind) along an

Eastern sea;


Thieving atmosphere



Inhaling things




All fire swindled from

Prometheus someday

Will cease


In recompense,


While damage to open

Lungs and other

Capabilities are

Prolonged matters


Fire-scarred will

Propitiates our faults,

Mitigates any anger

For the rest, leaving


For last joys our homely

Fires burning against



We, dwelling through

The cold, may story-

Tell the impact of our





Oxygen feeds fire and

Needful issues


Propelled by nascent

Hope and sometimes

By outraged


We have no choice but

To deal in both


Breathe in air, then

Breathe out our part