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August 2016

‘Cause Rosema Says So

‘Cause Rosema Says So



  1. Name five things that make you happy.
  2. Name five songs that make you happy.
  3. Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag.

(The Happiness Tag  from Rohit of Straight from the Heart)

  1. Cats and dogs (they count as one), faith (though it can also make me sad), grace that surprises (it always surprises), my siblings, completing something (such as this list)
  2. “Just You and Me” (Chicago), “Aurora” (a wistful song by the Carpenters), “But I Can Dream” (torch song recorded by Linda Rondstadt and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra), “Be Thou My Vision” (hymn set to an ancient Celtic tune), “The Battle in the Mutara Nebula” from a soundtrack composed by James Horner (because I am a geek)
  3. If I follow Rosema’s lead (and who wouldn’t?), then I invite anyone with the urge—and some of you who need it


“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”Abraham Lincoln

cited by Rosema

Unburying Life

Unburying Life


I know I lead a life apart


I’m not sure what it’s for

Being alive or being apart


The best thing I seem to

Do for now is eke out words

On paper in a wide electric



Like a fisher near new water

I cast about the promise of

Dawn blue and deep green


Is my better season spent

Right here


Because I write for you


C L Couch

Canciónes de Oro

Canciónes de Oro


How does the song



My boat is so small,

And your ocean is

So big




Extraordinary image

Of a strenuous

Hope for


Amazing grace


Cantan ustedes,



Please sing, my loved


Valley of Death

Valley of Death


A hundred years ago

And slightly more,

There was war in the



And we must learn

The same lesson there,

Time and again


Tennyson mourned

Troops lost in

Misdirected battle—you

Can look it up,


You should






As in I’m in favor of

And would like more;

My neighborly air

Too damp


Like Arabian palaces

And towers, craving


Light and space and


Breathing in and out

In an Earth-blue sky


Anyone offering work



With room and board


Arizona or how about

California? Or in


Situ the Alhambra?


I know, there are

Wildfires out west—

Conflagration of a

Kind (unkind) along an

Eastern sea;


Thieving atmosphere



Inhaling things




All fire swindled from

Prometheus someday

Will cease


In recompense,


While damage to open

Lungs and other

Capabilities are

Prolonged matters


Fire-scarred will

Propitiates our faults,

Mitigates any anger

For the rest, leaving


For last joys our homely

Fires burning against



We, dwelling through

The cold, may story-

Tell the impact of our





Oxygen feeds fire and

Needful issues


Propelled by nascent

Hope and sometimes

By outraged


We have no choice but

To deal in both


Breathe in air, then

Breathe out our part

Psalm 49 (a penultimate song)

Psalm 49

(a penultimate song)


Before the last,

One more thing,

Please, to say:


O Lord, like all

The seasons that

You muster,


You are constant

In provision;


Might we live in



Thirsty children

Who can yet look

Up before


We stoop, saving,

To drink—


Risking, yes, a

Moment of hurt



Gazing, as we

Do, toward the

Direction of one

Who has


Left life for us


In a healing cup,

Freely filled with



And bread that

Was earth-fired,


Psalm 48

Psalm 48

God Breaks Through


The day comes

When God breaks



When an open hand

Will not be


Withheld by grace

Or by design


We cannot bring

It down—release

Or entice it


Our timing has no

Meaning here


We should leave

It all alone


A mind ordains, a

Host obeys


The earth will be



Ready to be

Apprehended in


Capture and in



Day time and

Night time

Without time

haiku about death and life

haiku about death and life


Dying is helpless

The skies open, nature weeps

Hopeless in mourning


Prize in awaking

Who knew how to feel about

Death, an opening

After a Few Days Away

After a Few Days Away


I drive through

A steam-filled



At home, more

News of dying


Both by design

And unassigned


I gather in

Headlines and

Their stories


While struggling

To breathe hot

Wet solid air


Searching for


Through which

To inhale

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