Our Many Faces


Aleppo, yes, I know


Sounds like a sixth

Marx brother from




But children die there

From what war takes


Which is all right

Since we don’t value

Children, anyway:


If we did, we’d see

They were not shot

And killed, they never

Suffered in want

Of food or a good



We’d value them like

Prizes won in the

Most precious bingo

Game or ski-ball


We’d sit with them,

We’d watch them eat,

See that they are

Clean inside and out


And have temerity

To ask for help when



We’d celebrate the

Family that we are

Part of, even if we’re

Not their parents


Because in the most

Worldly way we are


We’d say, it’s for the

Children; and we’d

Mean it


We’d change

Everything to have

Them safe and well

And jiggly playful at



We’d do the world

Right this time


C L Couch