Blue Ice



Two words I’ve wanted

To put together,


Never thought I



With real substance

In back of

The metaphor (though

Metaphor, I know, is

Power enough


Then I see the


The image

Of it resting on

The water


In a frozen

Clime where all my warm

Impressions of Earth

Are turned over,



There lies blue ice


Finally, something imagined

In my shuttered


Of the solar garden

Has been released


A gift of surprise

And gratitude

For Edenic wonders


C L Couch



Last post from Iceland.

Glacial ice floating in the Jökulsárlón Lagoon. Showing up at this zone with nobody around and watching the 4 hr sunrise was definitely one of the highlights. No matter how blown up these spots are, photos will never do them justice.

Shot on Portra160NC. Always so fascinating to see how different film stocks capture different colors