(for an October prompt)


Tolkien liked trees

Robin Hood, too;

Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily,

I imagine,

Providing shelter

And playing fields

For lost boys


I like trees


Two of these peaked

High like towers from

The wide suburban plain

Of the backyard,


Splindly reaching toward

A clouded sky on

A Pittsburgh summer day


There was wind

At night, and upon the

Morning in the yard

One tree had fallen


Large across the lawn,

Tall on the ground

Sibling standing over

As if to demonstrate their


Weeping willow


For many days

I had climbed into the

Guard now dying,

Onto a lumbered platform

That my father built


That lay square among

Round branches

Inside uprooted, plodding


Of grass


First time for me

With something monstrous

So close, so wrong


C L Couch