Next Thursday

(for my friend)


How are you?  What’s

up?  I have an operation

to excise a tumor:

is that normal

talk in our coffee shop?


Do you mind?  I can’t

feel it, but it bothers me

a lot—I think I can


manage until then, though

it gets hard, you know?

You don’t?


You’ve never had this

in the flesh?  You’ve never

Felt the fear?  I could

Wish I were you!


Have to go?  I understand:

no, I’ll stay here for

a while, have

another cuppa.


I like today’s blend;

it smells, well, it smells

like oily health.


Yum.  See you.  See

You tonight?  Well,

if you can make

it.  If not, well, I guess

I’ll understand.


C L Couch