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November 2016

Old Poodle Takes a Turn

Old Poodle Takes a Turn


Don’t disturb me

I have my way


Let me sleep

I’ll wake me when it’s time


Then I’ll need you to

Open the door


And keep treats in hand

For me—when I


Return—don’t worry,

I’ll let you know


It’s time

I have my way


You’ll wait for me,

I know



Don’t disturb me

I have my way


Let me sleep

I’ll wake me when it’s time


Then I’ll need you to

Open the door


And keep treats in hand

For me—when I


Return—don’t worry,

I’ll let you know


It’s time

I have my way


You’ll wait for me,

I know

Old Dachshund Likes a Belly Rub

Old Dachshund Likes a Belly Rub



To my blogger friends and other friends—

I’m sorry I’ve been out of contact for a little while.  A number of things came together to drain my energy and health and time.  I traveled to my sister’s to care for her old dogs while she and her husband went out of the country for a while.  I’ve been suffering with a physical challenge that is painful and making it too hard to sleep (meaning often I don’t).  And the national election (my nation’s) has been greatly troubling and dis-spiriting, too.

Anyway, my sister and brother-in-law are returning soon.  I will visit with them for a time and simply pet the dogs.  And go to urgent care, if need be.

I should return to blogging daily shortly.  I have much reading and corresponding to catch up with (which with to up the catch).  Of course, our past (static) posts can still speak, can’t they?

Happy World Philosophy Day.  And in the USA at least it’s also Fast Food day.  I wonder how my country might be inflicted with fast food philosophy.

Well, I wish for happier days for all.

Thank you,

C L (Christopher) Couch



Old Dachshund Likes a Belly Rub


On his back because

I rolled him there


All the bumps with age

(No cosmetic surgery, dear),

The little legs are



I rub your chest minus

The Vapo-Rub


You seem pleased, if

Sussing grunts and moans is

In my ken—nearly


A hundred of my years,

Though you age

In the same way


These are the clues:

Bright, wet eyes and nose


To amend my terror that

You’ll die this day

While in my care




He sleeps (a daily,

Mortal sleep)

Under a blanket

The edge of

Which he likes to

Toss over the

Head, a ritual still

All his own


C L Couch

11, 11 (11)

11, 11 (11)


Today is Veterans Day.

Armistice Day in Europe.


Day.  Red poppies to honor

Flanders Field.


Recalling that peace,


At great cost, is better.

Better than victory.


C L Couch


Still (and Superior) Life in Berlin

Still (and Superior) Life in Berlin

for the cats of Kathleen D


American ex-pat cats


They look out windows five floors


They overhear airy conversation


Inherently translating,

Since (and to answer the question)


German cats meow in German


C L Couch



German Rex (naturally)




Something good happens

Something bad,

Something horrible

We move on


In our lives, good news

Or bad, sometimes horrible

We move on


Where are we going

That requires constant

Moving minds,

Restless spirits always

Leaving, never resting


In places of crisis?


No time taken to repair

To sit still and know

That we have talents

To make better

So many we encounter


Training missed in

Intuition, empathy

Things that rarely pay


Victories without profit

Save soothing, maybe saving



Next time, we might say,

As we meet

Then walk around

Needs on the street

Or next door

Or so much closer



C L Couch



(tracing the season’s sunlight)


The day descends

While shadows rise

Late-year days are like this

We notice early darkness


C L Couch

Peace, Prevail

Peace, Prevail

(for the USA and all)


Red leaves on trees

Against the season’s

Bright blue sky,

Branches lightened in

Late-afternoon, autumn



Vision of nature

Hope for a nation


C L Couch

Let’s Look for a Reason

Let’s Look for a Reason

(commending her candidacy)



She’s flighty as we

Think women are—

No, that’s not right


She’s not serious-minded—

No, again not right


How about

She doesn’t convey authority

As our commander should—

Nope, can’t make that

Argument, either


But she does write e-mails,

Good!—there’s reason

For the pillory


Those things we usually

Use to keep them

Down just weren’t working

Out this time


Because she is a person

For all seasons?


No, she’s still a woman—

Can’t have that


C L Couch


My favorite thing is not to think or write in a partisan way.  I’m registered to vote though not a member of any political party (though I’ve always favored the New Year’s Eve, should it be formed, and think the Pirates Party in Iceland holds promise).  I do believe that the final prejudice to overcome in the current election for President will be in fact the problem over gender.  Hence this verse about that.

For All Souls

For All Souls

(2 November)


Rosemary for remembrance

But it will be in Spain and Mexico

USA and other places, as


Candy shaped into skulls,

Bright-color picnics set out at night

With our dead—and many

Kindred flames of candlelight


Yesterday the living church


Today the predeceased who will

Stay a little closer


Families gather ‘round the stones

De abuelos, tíos, quizás los niños


All whose loss is lessened for a

Time as an altogether family

For the feast


C L Couch

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