I heard the song last night

And now read the story in the morning:


Forty percent of vertebrates gone

From planet Earth,

Sixty-six (the number of books

In the Protestant Bible) by

The middle of our new century


Why do these die?

In part, because they do


And in part because we kill them


There are two ways to feel convicted,

Each way requiring a life


Will we let our world live?  Will

We let our charges thrive

Or maybe better yet

Simply leave them be?


We have pushed living

Over the cusp of extinction


Pulling back destructive practices

Under the edge again


Might hurt


But it’s pain we’ve earned,

The cost of killing kingdoms

And the genus


Try feeding creature kinds

More like kindred we respect;

Tend if only for a while


Then we might inspire

Conclusions for a future


And process


C L Couch


“Imagine a world without animals. You’ll soon see how much we need them”

Jules Howard