Christmas greetings spiced with an apology.  Or an apology spiced with Christmas greetings.

I continue to be ill in a way that takes away focus and concentration.  I post now and then, because sometimes the words manifest, anyway.  But I’ve done little else.  Hardly any interaction, which I would maintain is half the life of blogging.  Will I get better?  Goodness, I hope so.  How much of the miasma is due to complications from heart disease?  How much from simply hammering my foot into something so hard (the hammering and the something) that wrapping it does little good to help staunch simply the pain?

You see, it’s the ridiculous without so much sublime.

Whether you celebrate the birth of Christ, Messiah or prophet, or the miracles of light or the African family in communion.  Or you’re fond of the solstice.  Or you simply like this time of year and cherish all the muffled pace much of the world chooses to take.  My wish and hope and prayer for you are for peace in the homeliest of ways.


Christmas time, Charlie

We learn it’s more than pink trees

Save stars on dogwoods


Make it pax,




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