Negotiating the Spoon


Have you ever worked

A spoon inside a jar of jam?

(The spoon is inside)

Certainly, you have

It’s the cozy way


The curve slides under the

Oranged part, and

There you have a treasure

Slip it out and pour it

On the toast (I favor rye)


Save for the skinny parts

Sticking to the utensil

You must negotiate

The goop on the back

And in the bowl

So the spoon is gently

Struck onto the bread; some

Comes off, and


The rest is prized out with

A finger

A suckling part

Of anticipation of the rest

Taste of solution-solving



What a treat


To wash off

A moment’s

Work at the sink


Time and use of smarter efficiency

And these have value


So do the slow and cumbered ways

That force the option upon us

The pleasure in what we are doing

The charity


C L Couch